This weekend last year, we were part of a very special project. In the run up to the marriage equality referendum of 2015, Cork Choir, Choral Con Fusion took it on themselves to compose, perform and promote a song for equality. The song was entitled “We Love The Same – A song for equality”. A few weeks beforehand, my brother Denis (being involved in the choir), asked if we could pitch a few ideas to them for a music video. So, my good friend Darragh Coakley put our heads together;

A snippet of the sheet music to We all love the same

Grá againn mar an gcéanna #wlts

The first thing that struck us I guess as the potential scale of the thing – the number of performers, locations etc.. could have been a big challenge. But in fairness, after a good few meet-ups and copious amounts of tea and coffee, together with the guys and girls of the choir, we nailed down a rough concept that looked promising…


The Concept

The concept was simple enough. Involve as many people in the choir as possible. Using Cork as the stage, mix in some live action footage from a nice Cork location or number of locations and through in an epic stage performance!
So, in terms of logistics, there were two major shoots.

Shoot 1: Cork City

Shooting the chorus section near Patrick's Hill, Cork City

The park near Patrick’s Hill in Cork city was the perfect backdrop for some nice shots of the gang. The choir were all really busy the days and hours beforehand, preparing for the shoot and hand-cutting props in the form of letters “#wlts” in different colours. They were the perfect props for the shoot – and a bit of craic. That shoot was fun too because the elements were very unpredictable. An utterly freezing February morning, mixed with mad showers and blue skies in between. But, in fairness to everyone involved, a very worthwhile exercise and some lovely, natural footage as a result.

Fitzgerald's Park

Later that morning, we moved onto Fitzgerald’s park. Choral Con Fusion made out a great schedule so that everyone had a chance to be involved on the day. Some new faces and even some K9 guests to boot. In all of the excitement though, it is worth noting that one of the choir members, poor Sarah, slipped and broke here leg after the shoot. She wore the war wounds well for the choir and even made an appearance later on to cheer the choir on in the stage shoots.

Fitzgerald's Park Shoot

Shoot 2: The Big One: The Rory Gallagher Theatre, Cork Institute of Technology


Shoot 2 was arguably the more stressful but fulfilling day of the whole project. Beforehand, Darragh meticulously crafted a well scheduled shot list. This became our reference for the logistics of the whole shoot. The day started around 6am. Our hero of the day, Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh provided lighting and other gear (including a seriously impressive jib) for the event. Between the gigs and the reels of it, we spent a good 12 hours on set. A tiring but rewarding day for all. By the end of it, everyone was well sick of the song, We All Love the Same. 


The Edit

The fun part was just about to begin. Logging and editing hours of multi-camera footage. This part, I must admit, was the most time consuming part of the whole process. It went on literally for weeks. And, if you are ever going to get sick of a song – play it back over and over and over again and you’ll get quite close. But, we got there. Something really satisfying about seeing a project with so many pieces come together into one final production.




Editing aside, we decided on a colour treatment for the piece, gave it a number of guest reviews and when the time was right, planned our date for launching it out into the world. Just before doing that, the video was translated into 8 different languages – and all translated by choir members – an impressive feet.

The Release

We Love the Same (A Song for Equality) by Choral Con Fusion LGBTS Choir was released onto the world on April 8th, 2015. In just a few hours, it got a big surge of hits on YouTube and began to spread far and wide. For everyone involved, it was that final moment where the choir could sit back, and relish the results of all of their hard work and effort. Over the following weeks, there were some great news articles and an online social media buzz to keep the momentum up; especially coming up to the referendum.

In GALA Awards, Choral Con Fusion claimed the Entertainer of the Year award beating off competition from the likes of Hozier, Graham Norton and Colin Farrell.


“Cork choir launch single in aid of marriage equality awareness” – Breaking news

The Results are In…..

On the 22nd of May, Ireland voted 1,201,607 to 734,300 in favour of marriage equality. This monumental event, meant that Ireland was now on the steady and sure course towards Marriage Equality and legalised same-sex marriage. Choral Con Fusion played their part in this historic event.



“WeLoveTheSame” the debut single from Cork-based Choral Con Fusion LGBTS Choir is available now. The single aims to raise funds and awareness for marriage equality in Ireland and everywhere. On May 22nd, Ireland will vote on the Marriage Equality referendum, deciding whether or not same-sex couples can get legally married.

Purchase the song on iTunes:
and on Google Play:

Learn more here:

Choral Con Fusion L.G.B.T.S. inclusive choir – Cork’s inclusive choral group

Song composed by Karl Fradgley
Arranged by Sean Casey and Karl Fradgley

Directed, Shot, Edited and Produced by Shane Cronin ( and Darragh Coakley

Lighting Design, Dolly and Crane provide by Rupert MacCarthy-Morrogh (

Soundtrack recorded by Duncan O Chleirig of Blackwater Studios (

Choral Con Fusion choir members:
Anders Fog Schollert, Ann O Riordan, Anne Crotty, Kathy O’Riordan, Clare Bradshaw, Cliona Kenny, Con Murphy, Conor Hickey, Damiano Tescaro, Denis Cronin, Edwin O’Callaghan, Elena Hostetler, Gerard Cummins, Helena Lefever, Hollifer Fogarty, Jean Louise McCarthy, John Paul Calnan, Jonathan Neville, June Hamill, Karl Fradgley, Letitia Hill, Lynn Dixon, Marian McCarthy, Marie BillaSista Gaigneux, Mary Phipps, Mohammed Saab, Paul Walsh, Regina Dwyer, Roisin Nolan, Roland Ayliffe, Sarah Donovan, Sean Casey, Tara O’Donovan, TJ O’Dwyer, Timms Quinlan, Tina O’Toole, Nicola Marie O Riordan, Sinead Halpin, Eugene Lame Alves, Joanne Murphy

Also featuring:
Peter Andrews, Patrick Halpin, Richard Halpin (2.5 month old baby), Adam Lee, Dolores Quinlan, Elizabeth Quinlan, Bríd Walsh, Louise O’Dea, Ronnie Dorney, Matt Russell, Michael Russell, Pia Cronin
Tom Cronin

Choral Risers by Screenflex

Filmed at the Rory Gallagher Theatre, Cork Institute of Technology and various locations in and around Cork city, Ireland

Thanks to the Kevin Tuohy at the Arts office, CIT

Special thanks to Colum Cronin, Maria Murray

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